Individual Writing Support

Individual writing support is offered to scientists and especially Ph.D. candidates in the fields of Natural and Life Sciences who are writing their theses or journal articles.

One-on-one support sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the Ph.D. scientist. We will focus on your individual writing projects, learning how to write more effectively, and also how to enhance the quality of your journal articles or theses.

Support sessions are available in person or via e-mail, telephone, or Skype. All individual writing support is offered in English.

To arrange a one-on-one support session, please send an e-mail to:, or use the form on the Contact page.

This is what I can do for you

  • Assessing the breadth of information: "Is enough background information provided? Are the results and interpretations fully explained and argued?"
  • Evaluating the structure of the text: "Is the flow of information presented in a logical way? Are the questions that are posed in the introduction fully answered in the discussion? Are the conclusions clear, based on the results?"
  • Checking for consistency: "Is the scientific information consistently presented throughout the text, figures and tables?"
  • Evaluating text clarity: "Are there any parts of the text in which the information or the experimental design is unclear? Is there any unnecessary information that should be eliminated?"
  • Giving feedback on each section (Including Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion)
  • Offering support throughout the publication process: "How to respond to a reviewer? How to write letters to the editor and re-submission letters?"

Services that are not provided

  • Feedback on grammar, punctuation, or spelling (Please consult a proofreading or editing service)
  • In-depth criticism on the experimental design or methods