Scientific Writing Workshops and Coaching

Andrea Sanchini, Ph.D.


For most, scientific writing is difficult. Scientists, especially Ph.D. candidates, often struggle with writing journal articles or their theses, while simultaneously completing time-consuming research projects. Despite the difficulty, it is essential for scientists to develop an impressive publication record. The publication of high quality journal articles is imperative for scientists in order to apply for jobs or for research grants, to communicate findings, and to define their reputation in the field. This "publish-or-perish" approach, however, may decrease the quality of scientific writing.

By providing adequate training, it is possible to maintain high quality scientific writing. Unfortunately, scientists and especially Ph.D. candidates often do not receive any formal training to improve their scientific writing and publishing. Instead, they learn "by doing" and by making mistakes.

Scientists have the responsibility to communicate their findings to their peers, and publishing is the key to communicating scientific results. Given this, the lack of training is a serious problem. Scientific findings can only be used effectively if scientists are able to clearly communicate them.

Andrea Sanchini, Ph.D., a trainer in scientific writing and publishing, uses his skills, acquired during more than ten years of experience as a researcher in the Life Sciences, in order to provide the training needed to successfully communicate scientific findings.

His services are designed to help with the transition between doing the research and publishing the findings. With a small investment of time, scientists and especially Ph.D. candidates can master the skills of scientific writing and publishing skills which are fundamental to a successful scientific career. They will also learn how to be more efficient, which will save time for other tasks and projects.

Services Offered

  • Group workshops for Ph.D. graduate schools, universities and research institutions:

               Scientific Writing: Towards Organization and Motivation - 2 days workshop

               Publishing Journal Articles: Strategies for Success - 1 day workshop

               One-on-one coaching sessions tailored to the needs of the scientist

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